We feel the challenges of today as pressure to design a better tomorrow: providing dynamic solutions that value the needs of our individuality, organization, and planet.

Our clients share a similar vision

They recognize the growing demand for meaningful products and experiences, and they understand why ROI and contribution often go hand in hand.

We intend to disrupt and transform

Whether it’s attempting to bridge the gap between commercial engagement and progressive education, or gamifying the arts to fund social change, Awairness is designing pathways for transformational impact.

We are here to serve

When aligned change-makers seek support, we honor the opportunity. We love helping do-gooders do better by providing services and strategies designed to boost awareness and drive funding.

“If you’ve met the Awairness team, you know that they have a deep commitment to making engaging, impactful experiences that entertain and inspire.”

Dan Norton, Chief Creative Officer, Filament Games

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with companies committed to “making a difference?”

We don’t define what “making a difference” needs to look like. Some clients want the difference they make to be inherent within their products and services, while others use their success as a vehicle to contribute to their local and global community.

We believe art is a service, hospitality is a way of being, and luxury is a mindset that doesn’t need to compromise society or the natural world.

As long as your business creates a positive impact that goes beyond the bottom line and avoids doing harm to the planet and its people…we’re in.

Do you design and build everything yourselves?

When it comes to ideation and discovery, we enjoy the collaborative process and find it essential to co-create with clients. That being said, we have a unique strategic model that makes our services exceptionally comprehensive and we tend to limit outside influences during the initial design process.

When it comes to development we build most things ourselves, but we often engage in initiatives with unique needs, scale, and scope that go beyond our in-house capabilities. In those cases we focus on creating compelling MVPs that inspire our associates and top industry talent to collaborate, partner, and take-on a true sense of ownership.

You seem like the ideal design team for my needs but I have limited resources. Are you open to agreements that could reduce up-front costs?

We work with enterprises, start-ups, and non-profits that value the services we provide. We mostly work with set, deliverable-based pricing, but occasionally we are open to alternative compensation options including payment plans, revenue share agreements, and creative product solutions depending on the client and opportunity.