Awairness is a design and strategy consultancy grounded in a commitment to service and an exploration of how innovation can transform the way we experience the world.

We are distinctly different

The mission of Awairness, and how it shows up in our services and solutions, is grounded in five key distinctions:

  1. We are here to Learn: our impact depends on our ability to be present to a broad range of contexts, address demands where they want to be met, and understand we live in a state of change that requires constant insight and adaptation.
  2. We are here to Serve: we envision, intend, and catalyze the collective fulfillment of strategic goals designed to do the greatest possible good and the least possible harm.
  3. We are the Earth: our biologies, cultures, and technologies are a product of nature and part of an emerging global system.
  4. We are Evolving: the process of universal advancement is the same force driving our curiosities, discoveries, and innovations.
  5. We are Unified: driven to connect authentically and universally.


Aaron Johnston
Founder + CEO

Aaron Johnston is a business leader, enterprise consultant, and integrative design specialist.

He is constantly examining the ways in which innovation can address the unique needs, evolving demands, and complex challenges facing professionals committed to making a difference in the world. In the past decade, Aaron has helped lead, mentor, and guide enterprises of various size and sector toward success: providing creative strategic solutions and inspiring new possibilities grounded in a sense of service to customer and community.

Patrick Iverson
Founder + Chief Creative

Patrick Iverson is a designer and operations director who has spent the last 15 years providing cutting-edge web solutions for a broad range of companies in private and public sectors.

He specializes in the design and implementation of award-winning solutions that bridge the gap between enterprise, consumer, and community. Patrick brings a sense of passion, purpose, and elegant design to every project, ensuring simple but strong visual identities and intuitive user experiences.


Jim Lujan
Head of Sales

For the past decade Jim Lujan has worked passionately in bringing effective, transformative technology initiatives into education.

Jim has been an industry leader as a Senior Account Executive for a national systems integrator, directing a team of tech sales experts driven by compassion for teachers and the challenges they face daily. His authentic desire to see change in the world at large enables him to develop and implement dynamic strategies that produce impactful solutions and genuine transformation.

Christopher Webster
Chief Networking Officer

Christopher Webster is a successful entrepreneur, producer, and media consultant who specializes in the development and evolution of dynamic mission strategies and strategic partnerships.

He helps Awairness and its clients leverage key relationships and launch high-level initiatives in the most powerful way possible.

Allan Cohen
Chief Strategist

For more than 20 years, Allan Cohen has been an interdisciplinary management consultant, entrepreneur, and executive.

He has served as Senior Vice President at ZEFER Corporation (an eBusiness consultancy), co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Waite & Company (a successful boutique strategy house), and a Principal and engagement leader at CSC Index (creators of reengineering). Since 2001, he has operated a private consulting practice for clients addressing challenges at the intersection of strategy and organization.

Michael Johnston
Executive Coach (1941-2017)

Awairness is a living dedication and testament to the commitments and life’s work of Michael Johnston.

For more than 35 years Michael Johnston provided Enterprise Consulting and Executive Coaching services, addressing the challenges of change and transition, assisting leaders in crafting for themselves and their enterprises a highest and best path to the future. His work served leaders, executives and businesses ranging from small and medium sized community enterprises, health services, banking, and real estate firms, to multinational financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, and high technology corporations, and institutions of higher learning. The last 15 years of his life were largely committed to supporting the Mastery Foundation and their mission to create effective pathways for peace, reconciliation, and transformation in Northern Ireland, Cuba, and Israel.

Partners + Associates

Our innovative, service-driven approach has inspired like-minded designers, creators, and industry leaders to join the Awairness team, representing a broad network of partners, collaborators, and associates.