We are a digital design studio creating games and apps intended to engage, educate, and inspire a global audience in ways previously not thought possible.

We love games.
We believe games can do more.

This is why we have developed an entirely new approach to game design...

Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt industry norms in both gaming and education by successfully integrating innovative gameplay, higher-value monetization, and progressive frameworks that promote independent learning. We call this integrative approach "Wisdom through Play" and it is grounded in 3 core commitments:

  1. Design games we want to play, love to play, and can’t wait for you to play. We are designing games that compete successfully with today’s most popular games for both time and attention. We feature the world’s most innovative gameplay mechanics and state-of-the-art engagement models.
  2. Create immersive experiences that embed meaningful “narrative curricula” related to the humanities and STEAM education. In-game achievements and upgrades are monetized to motivate self-directed learning and social-sector impact in the real world.
  3. Provide transformational moments where players discover new contexts for their experience of life and for the difference they can make in life. With both direct and tangential learning elements, players are drawn to an exploration of the deeper connections between all of us and our world.


Our flagship gaming initiative is a free-to-play mobile franchise that takes players on the action-packed journey of Nova and the EleMentals: a lovable and relatable team birthed by the Big Bang and tasked with the responsibility of creating the ideal conditions on Earth for life to emerge, evolve, and awaken to its full potential.

This Ain’t no Match-3!

  • Evolutionary Gameplay mechanics = ending puzzle genre stagnancy

Incentivized Learning!

  • Direct, Tangential, & Independent
  • In-game Ed portal = Measurable data & analytics

Exciting Upgrades!

  • New Abilities, Evolutions, & customizations

First PVP in the Genre!

  • Boosting social engagement & impact value

The Next Wave:

oneNova: Evolutions

The prehistoric journey of planet Earth's evolution and the movement of life through space and time.

Wisdom through Play:

The development of a broader and deeper sense of how the human body and experience is an extension of the natural world and an expression of evolution.

oneNova: Awakenings

A cultural exploration of humanity and it's coevolution across the planet, from the dawn of man to the connected globalization of today.

Wisdom through Play:

A new way of experiencing human history through a spatial exploration of the movement of cultural evolution through time, and a deeper understanding of who we are as a global community.

oneNova: Adventures (AR)

An Augmented Reality exploration where Nova and the EleMentals are supporting and enriching players’ personal relationships with health, community, environment, and our future within the cosmos.

Wisdom through Play:

The highest value “Awairness” curriculum, providing real-world access to new points of curiosity, purpose, and actions to serve positive personal and global transformation.

Creating Possibilities

Shifting the Gaming Landscape:

We intend to prove that educational titles can engage, retain, and convert a global audience more efficiently through impact-driven partnerships, influencers, and creative learning incentives.

Institutional Enrollment:

oneNova is the ideal opportunity for partnered institutions invested in design thinking and STEM learning to generate positive exposure and promote enrollment on a global scale: inspiring students to drive innovation and take their passions to new creative horizons.

Who We Are

Core Team

Aaron Johnston Founder & President

Aaron Johnston

The Vision

Concept Creator, Game Designer, Business Leader, Holistic Innovator

Patrick Iverson Chief Creative Officer

Patrick Iverson

The Experience

Designer, Developer, User Experience Specialist, Project Manager

Christoper Webster Chief Networking Officer

Christoper Webster

The Comapss

Entrepreneur, Producer, Media Consultant, Team Leader

Nathaniel White Design Lead

Jim Lujan

The Catalyst

Concept Illustrator, Game Designer, Graphic Artist, Storyboarder

Jim Lujan Integrative Systems Lead

Jim Lujan

The Heart

Enrollment Expert, Technology Sales Executive, Team Leader

Allan Cohen Chief Strategist

Allan Cohen

The Mind

Fortune 500 Strategist, Enterprise Consultant, Entrepreneur, Executive

Michael Johnston Executive Coach

Michael Johnston

The Coach

Fortune 500 Executive Coach, Enterprise Consultant, Master of Language

Contact Us

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