About Awairness

Awairness Inc. recognizes and responds to a growing world-wide desire to play, evolve, and connect through more meaningful forms of human interaction: engaging within the context of a community identity and standing for something greater than what currently exists in our world.

Our vision is to create disruptive digital experiences designed to serve humanity on a global scale.

oneNova, EyeAm, and Awairness, our flagship gaming, photography, and wellness app developments, are designed to engage and entertain users in exciting new ways while sparking powerful conversations, creating positive controversies, and challenging the way people relate to their world, their community, and themselves.

Join the movement and help us create a better world in which exciting engagement, powerful transformation, and meaningful contribution through conscious capitalism is possible.


Our Initiatives

oneNovaMobile Gaming


oneNova accomplishes through play, what no medium to date has been able to do successfully: to give humanity access to an interactive experience of our planet’s journey through space and time and the evolutionary movement of life as we know it.

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EyeAmDigital Photography


Eye Am is a digital photography initiative designed to help facilitate the emergence of more conscious and connected global community while maintaining a deep appreciation for the qualities, cultures, environments, and experiences that enrich our lives and nurture our individual expressions.

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AwairnessWellness Networking


Awairness.com’s vision is to create an entirely new health and wellness experience that supports users’ needs based on who they really are as unique individuals, while allowing companies and professionals to feel confident they can provide services and content of quality and depth.

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Who We Are

Aaron JohnstonCEO & President


For over a decade Aaron has devoted himself to the exploration of new realms of possibility and the creation of Awairness Incorporated: an integrative media company dedicated to the development of engaging, immersive, and interactive experiences designed to educate, evolve, and inspire conscious action throughout the world.

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Patrick IversonChief Creative Officer


Patrick is a designer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has spent the last 13 years freelancing and working for a variety of companies in the private sector. Most recently, he has worked for NIC, Inc. creating award winning online services that bridge the gap between citizens and their government. His sense of service to others and philosophy of active presence brings an aspect of compassion to his user experience work.

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Jim LujanIntegrative Systems Specialist


For the past decade Jim has worked passionately in bringing effective, transformative technology initiatives into education. Jim is one of the industry leaders and has been New Mexico’s top educational technology sales performer as a Senior Account Executive for TIG, a national systems integrator, for the past five years.

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Allan CohenBoard of Advisors


For more than 20 years, Allan Cohen has been an interdisciplinary management consultant, entrepreneur, and executive. He has served as a Senior Vice President at ZEFER Corporation (an eBusiness consultancy), co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Waite & Company (a successful boutique strategy house), and a Principal and engagement leader at CSC Index (creators of reengineering).

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Michael JohnstonBoard of Advisors


For more than 35 years Michael Johnston has provided Enterprise Consulting and Executive Coaching services, addressing the challenges of change and transition, assisting leaders in crafting for themselves and their enterprises a highest and best path to the future.

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Plus, an expansive and comprehensive network of inspiring health, wellness, and well-being professionals from a broad range of modern and traditional disciplines.

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