We love games.
We see a world in need.
We believe games can do more.

This is why we have developed an entirely new approach to game design...

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage and support the awakening of a global audience by successfully bridging the gap between innovative gameplay design, progressive education, and conscious transformation. We call this new approach "Wisdom through Play" and it is grounded in 3 core commitments:

  • First and foremost, we design games we want to play, love to play, and can’t wait for you to play.
  • Second, we incorporate narrative and contribution elements that have the potential to serve humanity and the planet in a big way.
  • Third, we integrate content designed to create a new context for how we relate to who we are, where we come from, and how we can create meaningful change.

Through iterative design, collaboration, and a new model of convergent thinking, we aim to engage players in new ways of experiencing their world while avoiding resistance to “edutainment.”

The oneNova Trilogy

This ain’t no match-3!

With exciting new puzzle mechanics and the world’s first Player vs. Player icon-clearing battle mode of its kind, our flagship trilogy oneNova takes players on the journey of universal evolution through space and time: providing the fresh identity, narrative, gameplay, strategic competition, and higher-value experience casual gamers have been waiting and hoping for.

oneNova Title Screen
oneNova Title Screen
oneNova Title Screen


The prehistoric journey of planet Earth's evolution and the movement of life through space and time.

Wisdom Offering:

The development of a broader and deeper sense of how the human body and experience is an extension of the natural world and an expression of evolution.

oneNovaQuest for Humanity

A cultural exploration of humanity and it's coevolution across the planet, from the dawn of man to the connected globalization of today.

Wisdom Offering:

A new way of experiencing human history through spatial learning, an exploration of the movement of cultural evolution through time, and a deeper understanding of who we are as a global community.

oneNovaQuest for the Future

An exploration of today’s environmental challenges and our possible future within the cosmos.

Wisdom Offering:

The highest value "Awairness" curriculum, providing access to new points of curiosity, purpose, and actions to serve positive personal and global transformation.


Innovative Monetization:

oneNova will be free-to-play with in-app purchases for gameplay upgrades and character evolutions unlike any game in the puzzle genre.

Conscious Engagement:

Virtual currency will be earned through a progressive trivia “curriculum” and incentivized ad choices designed to entertain, educate, and raise awareness.

Real World Impact:

Players will also have an opportunity to feel more connected to positive real-world impact, knowing a % of every purchase is going to causes related to the nature of oneNova’s gameplay, namely environmental defense, disaster relief, and programs devoted to learning through play.

Who We Are

Core Team

Aaron Johnston Founder & President

Aaron Johnston

The Vision

Concept Creator, Game Designer, Business Leader, Holistic Innovator

Patrick Iverson Chief Creative Officer

Patrick Iverson

The Experience

Designer, Developer, User Experience Specialist, Project Manager

Jim Lujan Integrative Systems Lead

Jim Lujan

The Heart

Enrollment Expert, Technology Sales Executive, Team Leader

Nathaniel White Design Lead

Jim Lujan

The Catalyst

Concept Illustrator, Game Designer, Graphic Artist, Storyboarder

Board of Advisors

Allan Cohen Chief Strategist

Allan Cohen

The Mind

Fortune 500 Strategist, Enterprise Consultant, Entrepreneur, Executive

Michael Johnston Executive Coach

Michael Johnston

The Coach

Fortune 500 Executive Coach, Enterprise Consultant, Master of Language

Contact Us

oneNova Characters

We are currently seeking mobile developers with experience, talent, and purpose, as well as socially conscious investors with market savvy.